Jonathan Coffin

Profile Updated: September 22, 2013
Residing In: Brunswick, ME USA
Spouse/Partner: jana holt
Children/Grandchildren: Tahnthawan, born August 14th, l977; Jaed,born November 30th, 1979

Grandchildren: More…Jai-Yen, 2008, Oscar 2009, Frederick 2011

Both of my kids have recently announced late-hour pregnancies and are due again in January and April respectively For me I can't get enough of this grandchild program.

grandchildren: Oscar, born 2009; jai-yen,born 2008;Frederick 2011
Schools, Colleges, Degree? Middlebury College
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Occupation: Army Psychologist; retired 2012
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Describe your career path:

Stumbled out of a checkered career at Middlebury College, and had decided to continue what was then "compulsory" Reserve Officer Training Corps(can you imagine?). Choices were a little limited in '68, you know? Went to and was Graced to Live through the tour in
SE Asia. Went to Grad school @ St Michael's and got a job running a drinking driver program then a thirteen bed detox center. Second best job I ever had.

Spent most of my career as Outpatient Director for a huge Mental Health Center, for my tenure of 40 years. Simultaneously, I joined the Vermont National Guard, for spite and the money--we got Army pay for a time, while still receiving civilian salaries.. I found myself useful as the only Psychologist in the Guard. So, I stuck around. this sticking around was extremely serendipitous, as I was still around as an old man when all of our people went on 3500 the last big one. I got a chance to go to forts all over the Country and meet solders planes, and stay with them during their theoretical "adjustment period" at distant locations before coming back to Vermont trying to fit back in, and contemplating additional deployments. I was born for this job--I knew everyone, and their grandfathers sons and grandsons, and I was old and a Veteran so I had a natural opportunity for access to having what I like to call "exchanges of significance." (It's on my business card). So I consider myself the luckiest man alive to have served until age 67 in that role. It did take me out on some fronts , however, so I do a lot of soul-restoration work and healing of my beaten-up body these days. It is odd... to be the Patient. Now, what? I believe in the Angels of revelation, and I try to open myself daily to "more being reveled." All of you experiencewith this is welcome if you care to writeor talk about this at the reunion. I may be doing exacxtly what I will be doing, with my 12th-stepand Mercy work. We will see, will we not.

Volunteer activities?

I have been sober for 37 years and am a rabid attendee of 12-step recovery meetings. I love to work with young guys interested in getting off of alcohol and drugs.

I still want to talk intensely but informally with soldiers about thieir recovery.

Last year I became a "Mercy Associate." Although I am about a WASP-y man as you could find, the Sisters of Mercy always knocked me out with their reverential approach to life. they are aging out and disappearing. So, they initiated a training program for "Associates." we write a Covenant which is a form of goals and commitments. Mine are mostly internal, and all focus on instilling a quality of Mercy inside myself which informs my Spirit, Behavior, and Interactions. I have just decided to formally re-dedicate my Covenant for now a two year period, and am working on the content.... the concept of Mercy has always been a fascination to me.. I am preparing myself to see where it will take me/how my Covenant will manifest.

How do you spend your time these days?

the above, plus growing Dahlias, Cana and Calla(sp) Lilies, and Hibiscus, plus fooling around with some exotic perennials and the amazing New Guinea Impatiens.
I try to shine some light on my children and grandchildren and they certainly shine on me. s
My children live within 5 minutes. They conned me into moving here after I finally got unhitched from the Amy.

What are the top two things on your bucket list? (or more)

to carry out the Higher Power's plan for me, and to be a merciful man.

Memories of growing up in Needham:

The thrill of you brilliant selves. School scared me academically, but you guys were a source of constant fascination for me. Odd visiting Needham. I remember going downtown via May Street. Seemed like a couple of miles. Drove it 5 years ago and is only moderate short side street. We must have been little.

You know, I am honored, as a memory, to have had the endless kindnesses and tender mercies from all of you.
We fooled around a lot, but we most often stood together. The parts I could have done better are humbling to think of, and I am better today for having been imperfect then.

I remember Muriel Walker's suicide and the conditions of it, and Duncan KIA in Vietnam. Jesus. Rowe scoring from the corner. Valdina's exuberance. Francie Fernald was one of the only women in my life who had the patience to understood me. Bless her. I ran away from her--I couldn't take the heat. You women were all so beautiful and wonderful. And the guys were the Brothers I never had. Thank you for the memories, my dear friends.

What are some favorite memories of your days at NHS?

I hope and believe I have not forgotten one second.

Whom do you want to see at the reunion?

EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU. Millert and John Kelly reappeared! Nice going you guys. What happened to Eddie Mahoney? of the nicest souls.

What songs would you like to have played at the reunion?

Happy Birthday Baby
Baby I Love Your Way
Smoke Gets in your Eyes, and all the incredible songs from the Platters. ....

And Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly---I was literally fed by these people. (That'll Be The Day" indeed--without parallel)

Happy birthday, Baby. 16 candles

I'm Leavin' It All up to You

He's so fine

The King's "And Marie's The Name...Of His Latest Flame."

Let's not leave out Johnny Mathis. .. couldn't he melt you down. "Until the 12th of Never." Mercy.

Anything by Fats and that "Sticky Wicked Pickett, now."

Do you like Soul Music

Jerry Lee Lewis. Who could sing/play/perform like him.... really, no-one; don't you think he was in a league of his own.

Same with the Everlies--harmony to fire your soul

"I Remember You." Some English guy; somehow it really touched me

Are you on Facebook?

Surely you jest.