Karen John Boswell

Profile Updated: April 12, 2014
Karen John
Residing In: New Orleans, LA USA
Spouse/Partner: Free.
Children/Grandchildren: Children: Anya (1967), Seth (1971), Megan (1980).

Grandchildren: Sam (2003), Archer (2011), More…Myles (2013)
Schools, Colleges, Degree? Boston College
U of Maine
San Francisco State Univ.
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Occupation: Global Nomad, on the road. No permanent home.
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Describe your career path:

Divorced after 8 1/2 years of marriage in 1974. Raised my three kids travelling around the U.S. ; helped raise one of my 3 grandsons. Now I'm travelling alone all over the world. (I learned how to travel when I was young: we used to go to Europe during some summers, starting when I was 9. My dad was from Europe and my mom's parents were, too.)
Found my birth-family (I was adopted at 6 months old) in my 40s and 50s (a long process). Wonderful!
Discovered I am an Aspie (person with Asperger Syndrome) in my 50s. Exciting!
Finished college in 2001, almost 40 years after starting at B.C. in 1963, with a B.A. in Psychology from Cal State, Northridge. I attended 11 schools during those almost-40 years.

Volunteer activities?

Long ago...

How do you spend your time these days?

Travelling. When not travelling, I camp out in Southern California (Ojai and Ventura), near my son and his family. Or I camp in Nederland, Colorado near one of my daughters and her two kids. Or I rent a place for a few months in New Orleans, my favorite city in the world.

April 2014: Just returned from 2 months in Mexico; planning first trip to India.

What are the top two things on your bucket list? (or more)

I love nature. I camp out a lot, alone in the woods. I also love movies, young men, chocolate, and, of course, travellling. Oh, and yoga!

Memories of growing up in Needham:

Skating at Farley's pond out on South Street.

Riding horses at Powers' Stable (near Dover/Westwood).

My best friend, Jane Britton.
My other friends: Emily Woodbury, Eleanor Fee, Martha Tracy, Jane Huff, Jo Hanson, Paola Vecchiola. (I am sorry if I have left out some important friends. Please let me know.)

What are some favorite memories of your days at NHS?

Walking to and from school.

My friends.


Starting to have boyfriends.

My gardenia corsage at a prom.

Whom do you want to see at the reunion?

Everyone! Too bad I couldn't go!

Are you on Facebook?

Yes. Bella Bunny Boswell. Please "friend" me.

I am also on Couchsurfing.org: it's a great travel site and completely free. You can find people to stay with all over the world (over a million active members).

Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:28 AM
My daughters, Anya and Megan, and me. 2010 in Colorado
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:28 AM
My son, Seth, and me. 2013 in California
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:28 AM
My grandsons, Sam and Archer, and me. 2011 in Colorado